Monday, October 26, 2020



Southwest Airlines…LOL!

Chances are that if you live in the Baltimore metropolitan area, your go to airline (at least before the pandemic) is Southwest. They regularly...

An Incredible Display of Sportsmanship!

Two years ago, Brady Spirk was injured as a freshman in a car accident. The two teams came together and allowed him to score the...
Silent Angel

The Silent Angel

The nurse who took this picture said this old patient was admitted to the hospital for 3 days and in these 3 days no...

Remembering Dad

Growing up I idolized my Dad. He always had a way with people and everyone seemed to like him. My Mom worshipped him. He worked...
John Lennon

There Are Places I Remember

It was Monday, December 8, 1980, a rather balmy day in Baltimore with temps that climbed into the 70’s. I was a junior at...
Pay it forward

This Is What America Looks Like

This is what my America looks like.— Lennie Appelquist (@lenapple) September 18, 2020


Most People Are Good

I’m not one who usually listens to the radio. I enjoy creating my own playlists and listening to the songs that are my favorites, on...

It’s Gonna be a Great Day!

The fan video for Paul McCartney’s ‘Great Day’. To celebrate the release of Flaming Pie Archive Collection, fans were invited to share their favorite...
Raven Maniac

I’m a Raven Maniac!

This popped up on Facebook Memories today and given that tomorrow is the Opening Day for the Ravens, I thought I'd share this video...

Tell Someone “I Love You!”

@ramonatherat Cuando se va la repartidora de UberEats después de dejarte tu hamburguesa ¡Gracias! ##cuarentena ##quarantine ##ubereats ##gracias ##thankyou ♬ original sound...

Spend More Time With Those You Love

One day in the future when you look back on your life, you won't spend time thinking about the material things that you accumulated...

Who Said Teddy Bears Aren’t Tough?

As you know the pandemic has for the most part, eliminated spectators at sporting events. But MLB has gotten a bit creative and there...
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Movie Clips You Won’t Forget

The latest from Bon Appétit

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Paul Harvey’s Timeless Lessons

America's Funniest Home Videos

Test your knowledge | MentalFloss

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Live Music Hound

THUMBS UP MUSIC: Featuring Tony Sciuto

He's a former CBS Recording artist. He's appeared on Full House as a member of Jesse and The Rippers. He's toured with the Little...

Kanye Twitty Duo

In the inaugural episode of Music Fanimal, Tony Lombardi sits down with Rob Baier and Denny Grace from Kanye Twitty who share their musical...

Laughing Colors: 10,000 Miles

Recorded live for the Laughing Colors "Keep the Shining Ones" DVD Director: Jeff Geissler PatternTheoryCreative

Let Love Carry You

Let Love Carry You Performed by Jimmy Charles (J. Charles, B. DiLuigi, P. Sallis) We're all in this together It's time to bridge the gap. We've...

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