Thursday, November 30, 2023


COMING SOON: Cocktails & Candy Canes

From Your Friendly Neighborhood Lib's Grill Welcome to Cocktails & Candy Canes presented by your neighborhood spot, Lib's Grill. C&CC (Cocktails & Candy Canes) is...

Top 10 Most Influential and Inspiring Canadians

10 of the Most Inspiring Canadians When the world is filled with uncertainty and life is tough, we can look to the stories of inspirational...

Tradition Doesn’t Graduate

Years ago, it was traditional for our family to take in the “I Am an American Day” Parade in Highlandtown. Thousands gathered with folding...
Into the Wild

Into The Wild Sheds Light on Happiness

Into The Wild is a movie that was released back in 2007. It is based on the real life experiences of the adventurer Chris...
Father's Day

Remembering Dads Who Have Gone

For some of you the celebration of Father’s Day may be bittersweet. Perhaps Dad has moved on to the other side and all that...
Jim Rice

A Hall of Famer On and Off The Field

Yesterday while perusing Facebook memories (my favorite feature of the social media platform) a story surfaced about former Red Sox star outfielder and Hall...


The Power of Kind Words – The Story of Texas Pride...

One Woman, One Christmas Card, and a facility that had a huge impact on a club field hockey program. This story is one for...

An Elderly Woman – As Told by a Taxi Cab Driver

When this cab driver started his day, he was not expecting this...

The Miracle

Christmas has its magical moments. Some will stand the test of time and become bookmarks in our lives. Some will echo in eternity. I've always...

Most People Are Good

I’m not one who usually listens to the radio. I enjoy creating my own playlists and listening to the songs that are my favorites, on...

It’s Gonna be a Great Day!

The fan video for Paul McCartney’s ‘Great Day’. To celebrate the release of Flaming Pie Archive Collection, fans were invited to share their favorite...
Raven Maniac

I’m a Raven Maniac!

This popped up on Facebook Memories today and given that tomorrow is the Opening Day for the Ravens, I thought I'd share this video...
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ThumbsUp for Community Support

Extreme Family Outreach is rooted in faith and helps children in low-income communities stay on the right path by staying in school, keeping their...

Good Vibes Always

It's never a bad time when you get to go to the beach. We are sending good vibes your way today and every day! PC:...

View From the Hill

On top of Federal Hill, the views are pretty amazing. This warm weather has us feeling some type of way and we cannot wait...

Lovin’ On You

This picture needs no caption.

In Need of a Little Sun(flower)

"Advice from a Sunflower: Be bright, sunny, and positive. Spread seeds of happiness. Rise, shine, and hold your head high."  Photo Credit: Teresa R. Knox

Paul Harvey’s Timeless Lessons


Test your knowledge | MentalFloss

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Live Music Hound

Your ThumbsUp Mood Boosting Playlist

If you are anything like us here at ThumbsUp24/7, we love music! Music never fails to put a smile on our faces and a...

The Beatles in Baltimore

The Beatles in Baltimore is a collection of the best songs from the greatest band ever, featuring local musical artists in and around Baltimore,...

THUMBS UP MUSIC: Featuring Tony Sciuto

He's a former CBS Recording artist. He's appeared on Full House as a member of Jesse and The Rippers. He's toured with the Little...

Kanye Twitty Duo

In the inaugural episode of Music Fanimal, Tony Lombardi sits down with Rob Baier and Denny Grace from Kanye Twitty who share their musical...