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A Helping Hand

During Lent I’ve tried to do something positive for someone else every day. Not just my wife, children, family member or a friend, but ideally a relative stranger. Maybe it’s as simple as buying a coffee for them, holding the door open or giving up a reserved table.

Hopefully the behavior becomes a regular pattern and a part of my life going forward. It’s the right thing to do in a world that too often is more interested in rubbernecking – watching or even worse, taking video of someone in a compromising situation without extending a helping hand – a helping hand like this one…

Unfortunately this video doesn’t tell the entire story.

These two men did not know each other. The Good Samaritan was with another group of similarly dressed men and saw the man on crutches struggling to climb the stairs with his suitcase in hand. A random act of kindness that took 20 seconds out of his day that serves as a lesson to us all and probably left an indelible mark upon the man on crutches.

Have a great day everyone!

Tony Lombardi
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