Thursday, November 30, 2023

Our Story

2020 will be remembered for many things and most of it isn’t good. And good ole mainstream media is there to remind you about it CONSTANTLY! The negativity can weigh on you…if you let it.

Some choose to drop out and disconnect from the news. That’s certainly an option. Another option is to take the heaping pile of exaggerated despair and use it as a launching pad to find something better, something more uplifting. How about some good news for a change, right?

A few months ago, I got together with a couple of friends. Each of us is a business owner and we share a common vision as it relates to media. As our conversations evolved we all agreed that there’s a better way. Isn’t it time to flip the script and focus on the good? It’s there waiting to be discovered. We only need to seek it, and our job at is to help you find it.

There are so many good people creating touching stories that promise to embrace your heart, and offer confidence that a divided world can come together. You just have to want it and the founders of ThumbsUp247 believe you do. Those founders? Well besides myself, they are the aforementioned friends, Gary Stein and Larry Dukes.

"Too many places I go, people are talking about all the negative things going on in the world”, explains Stein. “It's human nature, I get it, but there's just so much I can take of that.  It wears on you.  But if we had a place where someone can go for other news, maybe we could start to change those conversations.  That's why I'm doing change the conversation."

Dukes concurs. “ThumbsUp247 strives to change attitudes with every story, video or photo. Coach Pat Riley once said, ‘If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems.’ Follow us and realize the transition...” will include daily words of wisdom; stories of kindness; pictures that turn frowns upside down; healthy recipes and mental wellness; food for the soul that will stir your ambition to be a better you – even local music to help provide a joyful escape.

Positivity is contagious and it can carry your day from work, to home, to a visit to your favorite restaurant. Attaching to positivity inspires hopeful thoughts, thoughts that morph into action, action that shapes into happy outcomes.

Here’s to happy outcomes for us all, 24/7.

Let the good vibes roll!

Tony Lombardi