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And When a Hero Comes Along

By now you’ve probably heard about the accident on the Rt. 90 bridge in Ocean City, MD. Seven people were injured in a 5-car crash. A 2-year old girl was thrown from her car seat and into the Assawoman Bay.

A man who witnessed the accident jumped into the 4-5 foot waters from the bridge 25 feet above to save the toddler who was lying face down in the bay. The child was flown by Medevac to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital where she is said to be recovering nicely.

We oftentimes hear that the gift of giving is a gift in and of itself. The same can be said of good deeds. There’s a sense of accomplishment and for some, that’s enough praise – particularly for this Good Samaritan who is steadfast in his wish to remain anonymous despite the many attempts from media members to shine a light on his heroics.

Now that’s a special man.

That said, hopefully one day, the little girl and her parents will meet this hero face-to-face, in a private setting, so they can properly give thanks to a stranger who has forever changed the course of their lives in a positive way.

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