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Benny: The Ice Skating Dog

Dogs are truly amazing creatures. I would’ve never imagined you could strap a pair of homemade ice skates on a dog and have him skate around. Sure enough this rescue dog was up for the challenge. Cheryl Desangro adopted an unwanted lab, named Benny,  from the local shelter. Immediately after Cheryl brought Benny home, she knew he was special. He was energetic, loving, and all around a good boy.

Cheryl grew up ice skating and enjoyed going to the rink frequently. One day, she decided to bring Benny along. Benny loved the ice rink and it quickly became his favorite type of exercise. Eventually, Cheryl was able to make him his very own skates. Check out the video below to learn more about Benny’s story and see him in action!

Photo Credit: @Vegaskingbenny Twitter Account

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