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Pay It Forward is a wonderful concept that embraces the gift of giving. There’s a redeeming value that resonates and the more you practice it, the more you want to practice it regularly.

Recently I was informed of a story – a great example of Pay It Forward, as shared by Veronica (Roni) Neal. It’s an example of how a community can come together to take a sad song and make it better. Thank you Roni for allowing us to share your story. ~ Tony Lombardi

Yesterday [my son] Kolin was outside playing with his friends when a group of older boys came over and asked if they could ride his bike. He was hesitant at first but eventually said yes.

Well, they took off with it.

Kolin was so upset. He has such a big heart and is kind to all of the children. I was scared that this experience would harden his heart. So, last night I drove around looking for it to no avail.

I then posted on our Facebook community pages Bowleys Quarters Social Club and Bowleys Quarters Community Watch asking for our neighbors to keep an eye out for his bike and also to inform them of what happened in our community.

The immense outpouring of comments and messages that I received was amazing. I knew that we lived in a wonderful community but what happened next was the ultimate act of kindness. I received a message from John Henriques, a managing partner of Bowleys on the Bay, a restaurant here in Bowleys Quarters. He wanted to show Kolin that there are still good people in this world and that the good outweighs the bad.

Well he sure did do that! Watch the video below. Anyone who knows Kolin can see that he was holding back tears. Thank you so much John and Bowleys on the Bay!

My heart is full.

Veronica (Roni) Neal is from Middle River, Maryland and lives in the area of Bowleys Quarters. Roni is the owner/operator of Inspired Fiberworx, the home of hand-dyed yarn designed to inspire and tantalize your creativity.

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