Monday, September 25, 2023
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Uncle Carroll Wagner

Uncle Carroll Made a Difference

As a kid my Dad would sometimes take me to one of his side job sites on a Saturday. Usually those he took me...

COMING SOON: Cocktails & Candy Canes

From Your Friendly Neighborhood Lib's Grill Welcome to Cocktails & Candy Canes presented by your neighborhood spot, Lib's Grill. C&CC (Cocktails & Candy Canes) is...

Top 10 Most Influential and Inspiring Canadians

10 of the Most Inspiring Canadians When the world is filled with uncertainty and life is tough, we can look to the stories of inspirational...

Tradition Doesn’t Graduate

Years ago, it was traditional for our family to take in the “I Am an American Day” Parade in Highlandtown. Thousands gathered with folding...
Into the Wild

Into The Wild Sheds Light on Happiness

Into The Wild is a movie that was released back in 2007. It is based on the real life experiences of the adventurer Chris...
Father's Day

Remembering Dads Who Have Gone

For some of you the celebration of Father’s Day may be bittersweet. Perhaps Dad has moved on to the other side and all that...
Jim Rice

A Hall of Famer On and Off The Field

Yesterday while perusing Facebook memories (my favorite feature of the social media platform) a story surfaced about former Red Sox star outfielder and Hall...
Jason Brown

Former Ravens C Trades His Spikes for a Tractor

Back in 2007 I hosted Hot Sauce With Bart Scott on what was then simply, 105.7 FM. One of Bart’s guests that season was...
tooth fairy

The Going Rate For The Tooth Fairy

Recently while scrolling through my Facebook timeline feed I noticed a post from someone who had just purchased a new car. The experience is...
Smile because it happened

Smile Because it Happened

Many years ago, while mourning the loss of my Mom, a friend and co-worker walked into my office, closing the door behind him. Ron...
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