Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Destined for Greatness – Meeting Jessy Lee

One thing I love most about my job is getting to meet incredible people. People who are inspiring, people who are passionate about what...

Your ThumbsUp Mood Boosting Playlist

If you are anything like us here at ThumbsUp24/7, we love music! Music never fails to put a smile on our faces and a...
binge tv

Binge TV

The pandemic has changed many things, among them, the way we consume television. Netflix is as popular as ever and many other app driven...
positive energy

Positive Energy

Some people can walk into a room and immediately change the level of energy, good or bad. The good ones have a level of...
Royal Farms

Royal Farms Teams With “The Famous”

BALTIMORE, MD – March 1, 2021 - Royal Farms announced a donation of personal protective equipment, totaling $25,000, to the “Famous Fund” created by...

A Helping Hand

During Lent I’ve tried to do something positive for someone else every day. Not just my wife, children, family member or a friend, but...

Venus & Mars: Comparing Women & Men

You’ve heard the expression, “Women are from Venus, men from Mars”. The metaphor suggests that men and women are wired differently, think differently and...

Colorado Man Saves His Dog From A Mountain Lion

Every morning, Gene Whannel lets his dog, Sadie, out to do her business in the mountainous town of Estes Park, Colorado. As a native,...

How Companionship Can Make or Break A Race Horses Career

The life of a professional race horse is stressful. Their entire life is centered around training and racing, similar to that of a professional...
Don't worry

Don’t Worry

My Grandfather Nick was a man loved by all. He was jovial. A practical joker, and in his words a kibitzer – essentially someone...
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