Monday, October 26, 2020
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THUMBS UP MUSIC: Featuring Tony Sciuto

He's a former CBS Recording artist. He's appeared on Full House as a member of Jesse and The Rippers. He's toured with the Little...

Kanye Twitty Duo

In the inaugural episode of Music Fanimal, Tony Lombardi sits down with Rob Baier and Denny Grace from Kanye Twitty who share their musical...

Laughing Colors: 10,000 Miles

Recorded live for the Laughing Colors "Keep the Shining Ones" DVD Director: Jeff Geissler PatternTheoryCreative

Let Love Carry You

Let Love Carry You Performed by Jimmy Charles (J. Charles, B. DiLuigi, P. Sallis) We're all in this together It's time to bridge the gap. We've...

I Won’t Back Down

Petty Coat Junction - a Tom Petty Tribute Performing I Won't Back Down while quarantined due to the 2020 pandemic. Based in the Baltimore/DC area.
Kelly Bell

Featured Guest: Kelly Bell

The Kelly Bell Band is said to be among the most genre-expanding acts on today’s blues scene, combining elements of hip-hop, funk, and blues-electrified...
Grayson Moon

Featured Guest: Grayson Moon

Baltimore-Based Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist, Grayson Moon, has been honing his musical talents since childhood when he began singing at age 5 and songwriting...
Rachel Hall

Featured Guest: Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall is a Singer/Guitarist who has been performing in the Baltimore area and beyond for 15 years in various duos and bands, as...
Boh-tini Brothers

Featured Guest: Boh-tini Brothers

The Boh-tini Brothers feature Eric and Ryan Nicholls who share a passion for live music. They are dedicated to producing, managing and performing live...
Andy Marchica

Featured Guest: Andy Marchica

In our final episode of Season 1, Tony Lombardi visits with an accomplished soccer player from UMBC who has a master's degree in Information...
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