Monday, October 26, 2020
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Most People Are Good

I’m not one who usually listens to the radio. I enjoy creating my own playlists and listening to the songs that are my favorites, on...

It’s Gonna be a Great Day!

The fan video for Paul McCartney’s ‘Great Day’. To celebrate the release of Flaming Pie Archive Collection, fans were invited to share their favorite...
Raven Maniac

I’m a Raven Maniac!

This popped up on Facebook Memories today and given that tomorrow is the Opening Day for the Ravens, I thought I'd share this video...

Tell Someone “I Love You!”

@ramonatherat Cuando se va la repartidora de UberEats después de dejarte tu hamburguesa ¡Gracias! ##cuarentena ##quarantine ##ubereats ##gracias ##thankyou ♬ original sound...

Spend More Time With Those You Love

One day in the future when you look back on your life, you won't spend time thinking about the material things that you accumulated...

Who Said Teddy Bears Aren’t Tough?

As you know the pandemic has for the most part, eliminated spectators at sporting events. But MLB has gotten a bit creative and there...
fun photos

FUN FRIDAY: Hilarious Photo Booth

At some point in your life you’ve probably jumped into one of those fun little photo booths with a friend, girlfriend, sibling or your...

In The Air Tonight

Phil Collins released the song “In The Air Tonight” back in January of 1981. It was the lead single on his debut solo album,...

LOL: Man’s Best Friend

We dare you to keep a straight face while watching this video, a collection of man's best friends doing their things.

On The Chesapeake!

Yesterday I took the morning off to attempt to snag a few rock fish with some friends out on the Chesapeake. To our delight...
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