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Colorado Man Saves His Dog From A Mountain Lion

Every morning, Gene Whannel lets his dog, Sadie, out to do her business in the mountainous town of Estes Park, Colorado. As a native, Whannel understands the threats of wildlife in the area so he uses a flashlight to scope for dangerous animals before he lets her out. The outside environment appeared to be clear and Sadie was in the backyard when Whannel heard the sounds of a mountain lion close by. Seconds later, he heard Sadie’s cries for help. Whannel’s adrenaline immediately kicked in. He ran directly towards the mountain lion and started punching it in the face until the lion released her. Sadie lost an eye and suffered from puncture wounds on her head, ears and chest. Whannel’s brave and instinctive reaction saved his dog’s life. Whannel is a true hero and we wish Sadie an easy recovery. Check out the full story here!

Photo Credit ABC10

Julia Dukes
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