Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Couple Saves a Lost Dog’s Life

Neesha, an 8 year old lab, was separated from her family in the Wicklow mountains after she chased after a deer. Her owners searched for days, but began to lose hope after she had be gone for over a week.

A couple hiking in the area found Neesha nearly frozen to death and carried her to safety. They warmed her up and reached out to her family. They documented the rescue on TikTok and she is now safe at home. It is truly amazing what this couple did for Neesha and we hope you enjoy this beautiful story.

Photo taken by Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois Bonnet.

Julia Dukes
Julia is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder where she received her degree in Strategic Communications with a focus in Advertising and a double minor in Business and Sociology. She's currently based out of Denver, Colorado. When she's not working, she likes to hit the slopes and hike.

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