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A Man Who Refused to Age

‘It’s time we grow up and be kids again.” ~ Skip Tolley


I asked an elderly man once what it was like to be old and to know the majority of his life was behind him. He told me that he has been the same age his entire life. He said the voice inside of his head had never aged. He has always just been the same boy. His mother’s son. He had always wondered when he would grow up and be an old man. He said he watched his body age and his faculties dull but the person he is inside never got tired. Never aged. Never changed.

Our spirits are eternal. Our souls are forever.

The next time you encounter an elderly person, look at them and know they are still a child, just as you are still a child and children will always need love, attention and purpose.

Story courtesy of Blue Ridge Believers & shared by friends Will Cloyd and Skip Tolley.

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