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How Companionship Can Make or Break A Race Horses Career

The life of a professional race horse is stressful. Their entire life is centered around training and racing, similar to that of a professional athlete. Often times, these horses can tell when it’s a race day and they tend to get nervous and uneasy before their race. This unrest can  lead to injury or poor performance. In the midst of their stress, having a trusted companion has been a key to their relaxation and success. Whether it’s a goat, pig, donkey, cat, dog, or even spider monkey, having something by their side during the stressful times has made a huge difference. Check out this episode of E:60 that dives deeper into the companionship these animals provide for some of the best race horses in the world.

Julia Dukes
Julia is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder where she received her degree in Strategic Communications with a focus in Advertising and a double minor in Business and Sociology. She's currently based out of Denver, Colorado. When she's not working, she likes to hit the slopes and hike.

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