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How to Help the Pets in Texas

The unexpected winter storm in Texas wreaked havoc on the state due to the lack proper infrastructures to account for the extreme weather. As a result, many citizens and their pets are left without a warm and safe place to live. If you’re wondering what you can do to help the pets in need, we compiled a list of ways you can provide support. This information is derived from local animal groups in Texas.

The Austin Pets Alive! group is asking for donations of supplies and money on their Facebook page. They also created a Facebook group, APA! Cold @ Emergency Response, primarily for information regarding how to donate and pick-up the supplies to those in need.

The Yaqui Animal Rescue in Southern Texas is asking for water, supplies and money. After losing power, the pipes froze at their facility and they were left for days without water. The pipes still need to be repaired, but they are able to keep the animals warm and safe thanks to the donations. They still need a lot of assistance and are accepting any supplies, money and water to continue their efforts.

The Houston Humane Society is working with many local groups to raise awareness for the dangers of leaving pets outside in these extreme temperatures. They are rescuing many abandoned animals and partnering with local groups to provide free pet food and supplies. They accept donations through their website, which is a great way to support their efforts and work during this overwhelming time.


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