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Let It Be Life

Katie Klein was loved by many. Her decision to leave this world left many in shock and it devastated her family. It still does.

The pain is real. The pain is daily. The pain is ever-present, 24/7.

Yet since her passing, the Klein family has shown uncommon courage. Instead of retreating and wallowing in the aftermath – an understandable response to a crippling loss, they’ve chosen to give meaning to Katie’s death and even greater meaning to her shortened life. They’ve begun the process of building a website called Let It Be Life.

Let It Be Life was born out of Katie’s favorite expression – “Let It Be”. She even had it tattooed inside of her wrist. The purpose of Let It Be Life is to bring awareness to mental health issues, to encourage communication and offer love, support and guidance to those who are suffering from depression – to shine a light so that someone in trouble can escape from their darkness.

Today’s world carries with it many burdens. Freedoms that we once took for granted have been stripped away by the pandemic. Jobs have been lost. Financial stress is felt by many. As if that wasn’t enough, each of us carries the added weight of social injustices that are more severe than any in the lifetimes of nearly everyone reading this. And let us not forget the political climate that envelopes us – one that regularly spews lies, deceit and scandal.

It’s enough to make the mentally stable feel unstable.

[Katie’s Story]

But there’s a solution if we all come together as one. To love, communicate and support each other. And that’s what Let It Be Life intends to do – to whisper words of wisdom and compassion to those who need it most. To break down barriers in the gentlest of ways to let those in need know that there is help, that there are open arms waiting to lift them and take away the anguish that troubles them.

I can’t tell you how much I admire the Klein family. Their collective mindset is to help – even if it means that the website, the charitable endeavors and the investment of time guides only one person out of darkness, it’s all worth it to them.

Of course, the hope is to help anyone teetering on the edge of darkness. The Kleins are there to extend a helping hand, to Let It Be Life.


If you would like to join the Kleins in a walk to raise money to help spread awareness and light or if you’d like to make a small contribution, click HERE. Every little bit counts and no contribution is too small. And if you can’t, perhaps you can like the Facebook page: Suicide Awareness: Let It Be Life. Sharing knowledge heightens awareness and the possibility of saving lives.

Thank you for your time and here’s to a great day!

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