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Macy’s Holiday Commercial for the Win!

Usually when watching television, I get up during commercials because most of them don’t interest me. Well, the other night while waiting for my scheduled program, I was flipping through my phone when I heard Holiday bells start to play. Out of annoyance (because people seemed to have forgotten about Thanksgiving and skipped right to Christmas) I looked up to see what this could possibly be. On the screen was a young girl standing in her father’s shoes in the foyer of their home. She starts with the question “If I were Dad, what would I want for Christmas?” 

The shoes are overcome with magic as the laces begin to tie themselves and now the little girl is controlled by her father’s shoes. They take her around town, running errands as if she were her father. After “walking a mile in her father’s shoes,” the little girl sits down and begins to rub her feet, realizing how much her father is on his feet during the day.   

Fast forward to Christmas morning when she gives her father the gift she has picked out. I won’t spoil it for you, but this commercial was definitely worth the watch for me. Macy’s wins best Holiday commercial in my eyes. I think this commercial won me over because it showed one child’s appreciation for all that her father does. During this holiday season, let’s show a little more appreciation, a little more gratitude, and a little bit more love because there is still plenty to be happy about in 2020.  

Link to the Commercial on YouTube:

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