Sunday, March 26, 2023
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My Father’s Plan

I don’t watch the news anymore, but a couple months ago the TV was on and I overheard a positive story and was intrigued.

It was about a gentleman in Baltimore making a huge impact in the community by mentoring and guiding youth who clean and beautify the streets of their community on a weekly basis. His name is Dawod Thomas and he runs a non-profit organization called My Fathers Plan.

Please take a few moments to watch this video and learn how the idea of this organization began and be sure to follow them on Instagram, @myfathersplan. Dawod posts their progress daily and is an awesome leader and mentor to so many youth in Baltimore City.

We need more Dawods in the world.



Today’s Guest Blogger is Tammy Edwards who is a kind and compassionate woman who gives of her time to the community and is an integral part of the Brigance Brigade Foundation. Tammy is also the Marketing Manager for Tim’s Automotive and an energetic patriot who recognizes and appreciates the contributions of the Armed Forces, past and present.

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