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One Last Adventure

A dog’s life is short. They come into our lives and give us endless love, companionship, and memories that will last a lifetime. While in our presence, they teach us pure kindness, selflessness, and how to love unconditionally. Perhaps a dog’s only flaw, is their short lifespan. If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a dog, you know how overwhelming and emotional it can be.

After Dawson and Kelly Gurley’s lab, Chief, had been battling cancer for some time, they knew it was time to say goodbye. The vet said Chief was in pain and the Gurley’s decided putting him down was the best thing to do. Before they put Chief down, they wanted to give him one last adventure.

The Gurley’s have a strong following on social media and their BigDawsVlog has over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. They were able to use their platform to touch the hearts of many who know exactly what it feels like to lose your best friend. Chief’s last adventure was filled with mouth-watering food, a long hike, meeting new friends, and tug of war with his siblings. It was the perfect day, just what Chief deserved. At the end of the video, Chief walks over to Dawson and showers him with kisses and love. It seems as though he knew what was coming, so he reassured his parents that he loves them and everything is going to be okay. Our hearts are with the Gurley’s.

Rest in peace Chief.


Photo Credit @bigdawstv

Julia Dukes
Julia is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder where she received her degree in Strategic Communications with a focus in Advertising and a double minor in Business and Sociology. She's currently based out of Denver, Colorado. When she's not working, she likes to hit the slopes and hike.

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