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How Will You be Remembered?

I met my wife a few years before we actually became a couple. And while there was an attraction when we first met, time and circumstance were not right – and so we went our separate ways.

Time and circumstance eventually changed and our worlds collided again, and this time we would become inseparable. During those first few hours when we reconnected, I learned that Ruthie had just brought home a chihuahua puppy. And my knee-jerk response was: “Why did you get a yappy little dog.”

Ruthie defended Lilly, correcting me by saying that she wasn’t yappy but instead, very sweet. We soon moved on to another topic.

As time went by and I got to know Lilly, I realized that Ruthie was right. Today as she closes in on her 14th birthday, Lilly’s bark is far bigger than her 7 pounds yet she remains sweet, loving and loyal. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s most attached to me.

Now with that attachment comes responsibility. Whenever I’m lounging, she’s on my lap. Sometimes when I’m in the bathroom, there’s scratching at the door. Whenever I’m working at my desk or from the kitchen breakfast bar, she’ll sit on the floor looking at me, whining, practically begging me to sit in my recliner so that she can assume her regular spot atop my lap.

I have to admit that at times it can be annoying. And her sleeping patterns can trigger unpleasant memories of sleepless nights with my teething children. It’s right about then that Ruthie intuitively will remind me that Lilly is getting old and that she might not be around that much longer. The reality of those words diffuses the agitation immediately. Then I feel guilty and think, “always be humble and kind”.

Last night was another rough night of sleep due to Lilly’s restlessness. Given her age I sometimes wonder if she hurts in some way and can’t communicate her pain. So, I take a deep breath and assume that there’s discomfort.

“Always be humble and kind.”

Today when I awoke, I have to admit that I’m not feeling rested. That will have to wait for another day. Yet I am reminded of that heartfelt quote by Maya Angelou:

Maya Angelou

Thanks Ruthie. Thanks Maya. And thank you Lilly for triggering that gorgeous sentiment. I hope it helps me to make someone else feel a bit better today. I hope it helps all of you to do the same.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tony Lombardi
Besides his work here at Thumbs Up 247, Tony is the founder and His work has been featured on various sports websites and he hosts The Russell Street Recap. Among his favorite things in life are his wife, kids, family, friends, The Beatles, Breaking Bad, Gladiator, The Godfather, Guinness, orange crushes, meatballs and Key West, not necessarily in that order. Follow Tony on Twitter @RSRLombardi. Drop him a note at

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