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Rescue Pup Saves Her Owner’s Life

For Bryan Myers, adopting a dog from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Shelter in New Jersey ended up being a life-changing decision. Myers rescued a six-year-old German Shepherd named Sadie only a few months ago. He saved her life by giving her a loving home, but what he didn’t expect was for the favor to be returned.

A few weeks ago, Myers suffered a stroke in the middle of the night. Sadie immediately sensed something was wrong and took action. Sadie ran over to Myers and started pulling him across the room. Myers held onto her collar and was able to reach the phone where he called for help. According to Myers, “She absolutely knew I was in distress.” Dogs are incredibly smart and have powerful instincts. Sadie is a true hero and without her, Myers may not have survived.

Sadie saved Myers life just like Myers saved hers. They were meant to be together and be each other’s guardian angel. Myers urges people to consider adopting by stating, “If you have room in your house and love in your heart, please do rescue one of these animals. They will give it back ten-fold, whatever love you give to them.”

We wish Myers a peaceful recovery with his guardian angel right by his side.

Photo Credit: ABC7 Reunited video

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