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Make Someone Smile Today

How many times have your parents told you “you never know what someone might be going through?” I always think about that! What can I do to help make someone’s day that much better, even if they aren’t having a bad day? How might I help put a smile on their face?

So I got to thinking and I’m sure there are many people who do that same thing. I wanted to put a small list together to show people how small gestures can help make someone’s day that much better.

1. Every one of us have our phones in our hands 90% of the time. We often find ourselves surfing social media or browsing the internet in our free time. Why don’t we take that time to send a message to a friend or family member that we might not get to see all the time or that we haven’t spoken to recently. You wouldn’t believe how a text could change someone’s day.

2. If you see something you like, say it! Girls, I know that you have probably been in public before and seen an outfit or a pair of shoes on another woman that you admired. Next time, instead of just staring, speak up! As a young woman, I would be flattered if someone told me they loved my top or my handbag. A small compliment can go a long way.

3. Hold the door for the person behind you! Some of you reading this are probably like “well duh, that’s common sense.” You would be surprised. Every time someone holds the door open for me, I am instantly in a better mood. It is a thoughtful gesture that is often overlooked. We need more people holding doors open for the person behind them.

4. During the past couple months, all businesses have suffered. Some more than others. If you are able to go out to eat, maybe leave a generous tip to your waiter or waitress. Letting someone know that you appreciate their hard work and service is a great way to make someone’s day.

5. Ask someone about their day and actively listen. I am guilty of asking someone how their day was and sometimes tuning in and out of their response. I am working on getting better. Be an ear for someone who needs someone to talk to. Sometimes just being able to vent to someone who is listening, can make you feel that much better.

These are just a few of the things that we can be doing to help inspire a smile. If you can just complete one of these five things, imagine how many more smiles we would see.

What do you do to help put a smile on someone’s face?

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Morgan Knox
Along with her role here at, Morgan is the videographer for RedDog Agency, a digital marketing and social media company based out of Towson. She is also editor of Harford Lifestyle. When she isn't wearing one of her many marketing hats, she can be found coaching on the lacrosse field.

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