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Soaping For A Cause

If we have learned one thing throughout that past year, it’s that we are surrounded by talent within our very own communities. In a sense, the past year has allowed individuals to take their hobby and make them a fulltime passion.  This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tebonye Crawford, the founder and owner of Zinnia Virgo Soaps.  

Tebonye Crawford starting homemade soaping in July of 2017. “I pride myself on the ingredients and love that goes into every soap bar,” Crawford exclaimed. She began soaping when her daughter developed eczema that just seemed to never clear up. After doing some research and purchasing some natural ingredients, she had created a soap that was exactly what her daughter’s skin needed. The eczema began to clear up! Word began to spread among friends, co-workers and family and before she knew it, Zinnia Virgo Soaps had been born.  

Tebonye created a plethora of different full body soaps, all containing about 30 different healthy additives such as vitamins, milk powders, proteins, minerals, aloe vera, oatmeal, charcoal, clays, and many, many others. Zinnia Virgo will be launching herb infused bath salts this year as well as scrubs and lip balms. She is very involved in the community and continues to help people in need when she can. She has donated her soaps to homeless shelters and to folks in need of some healthy selfcare. “It’s a mighty blessing and I am so grateful to be able to do what I do,” stated Crawford.  

We admire Tebonye for her work that she continues to do in the community and for continuing to help those in need. We admire the talent and dedication that goes into her art and the pursuit of a passion. 

You can find Zinnia Virgo Soaps on Etsy and during the Havre De Grace Farmer’s Market season from May to December! Check her out people, you will not be disappointed! 





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