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Strengthening Our Communities: Simple Ways to Help Others This Season

This year has shown us how important family and community truly are. Giving back has been a major theme of the year, and we think that should continue through the holiday season. Here are some ways to start helping. 

Give a Senior a Lift

Getting There Ride Share is a non-profit local to Harford County that helps Senior Citizens get from point A to point B. The ridesharing program can help the elderly go to friend’s houses, doctors appointments, and other daily activities. Right now they are looking for Drivers, Coordinators, and Social Media/Marketing staff. You can read more about this service here. 

Volunteer at your local foodbank:

There are lines currently wrapped around the block at foodbanks this year. This year has seen an increase in demand for a lot of foodbanks. You can volunteer at your local foodbank in a number of ways. Whether you volunteer to sort, hand out food, deliver meals, or start a virtual food drive, all help is welcomed!

Find a foodbank near you to volunteer here.

If you want to look outside of you local foodbank, you can check websites such as VolunteerMatch to find other organizations that could use some help. There are dozens of organizations listed and you’re sure to find the perfect match for your passion!

Random Act of Kindness 

Okay, remember all those videos that came out a few years ago of people “paying it forward” at Starbucks and McDonalds? There’s no reason we couldn’t do something like that on a smaller scale. Maybe you could host a family watch event to reconnect with those you might not be able to see this holiday or you could leave extra money in a parking meter (one that has saved me more than once). 

The UK Mental Health Foundation shares a fantastic list of small and affordable ways to spread kindness this year. 

Donate Goods: 

We all have that “donation box” that’s been sitting by the door for a while. Now is the best time for you to get it out the door and to your local Community Aide or Foodbank. This solution is great for those who can’t necessarily donate monetarily right now, or don’t have time to volunteer, but want to make a difference. If you have extra blankets, they could go to the SPCA. The Maryland SPCA has a fantastic wishlist on their site and you just might have something they could use. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new best friend while you’re there!

Happy Holidays! 


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