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This Non-Profit Helps Military Members Find Homes For Their Dogs While They’re Deployed

For many military members, it’s not always easy owning a dog, especially if they live alone. Finding proper care for their dog while actively serving can be quite the challenge. A non-profit called Dogs On Deployment aims to solve this issue for military members, veterans, and first responders.

Dogs On Deployment believes no dog should ever have to be put in a shelter due to a service commitment. They have built a team of volunteer boarders across the United States centralized around the major military bases. DOD operates by connecting a service member with a potential boarder. The owner can choose the best boarder and home for their dog based on their individual needs. The boarders will take care of the dog until the owner returns from service. Dogs On Deployment offers free pet boarding and financial grants as well.

Take a closer look of how DOD works in action by checking out this video of Hector Rivera and his dog Kanoh. The efforts of Dogs On Deployment are truly amazing and you can find more information on their website.


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