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Trey Mancini: Full of F16HT!

The Inspirational Story of Trey Mancini

Recently The Athletic’s Dan Connolly wrote a terrific piece on the Orioles’ Trey Mancini and his comeback from colon cancer. As we learn through Connolly’s terrific storytelling, Mancini has been a determined battler throughout his 28 years. He turns 29 on March 18.

While waiting for the MLB draft as a high school senior in 2010, Trey made it clear that he would go on to college unless he received a large signing bonus from an interested Major League club. Consequently, his number was never called. a native of Winter Haven, Florida, Trey hoped to land a scholarship at one of Florida’s more prestigious baseball programs. That never happened. He ended up at Notre Dame on a partial scholarship.

Later on, he would struggle in the minors; battle injuries, and despite a seasonal performance that suggested otherwise, Mancini was snubbed as an All-Star game participant in 2019.

But he kept on working. He kept on believing. He kept on doing the right things to take the next steps. His efforts were rewarded when he was named by his peers as the Orioles MVP in 2019. The award isn’t just one of on-the-field accomplishments. It also suggests a level of respect that Trey has earned from his teammates. It is they who vote for the team MVP recipient.

Since then, the respect has climbed – exponentially, due to the way Trey has accepted, embraced and conquered his cancer. Always the battler, the exemplary way in which Mancini fought through his Stage 3 colon cancer, an uncommon diagnosis for someone of his age, is an example for all of us. He’s set the bar on how to tackle extreme adversity with grace, style and dignity.

The way he supported the late Mo Gaba; the respect he shows the media, teammates and opponents; the way he would respect you and me if we bumped into him at a restaurant. All of it is a statement of his immense character.

Respect is earned and the respect shown to Trey by all in attendance during his Spring Training debut tells the story – a wonderful story it is.

Trey Mancini might not have been named to that 2019 All-Star team. He may never be a Major League All-Star. But he is without question a Hall of Fame human being.

And at the end of the day that’s an Honor that carries far greater weight.

Tony Lombardi
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