Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Tutorial to be Happy

Memes have become a form of communication. They are everywhere! As I was browsing my social media channels the other day, I came across the meme pictured above. “Tutorial to be happy.” As I looked down a little further, the caption with the picture said “does anyone have any ideas?” The picture had received over 395 comments with some good and some bad. Reading through these I thought to myself, I wonder how many people are in need of something good right now? Something that will make them smile or maybe bring them out of a funk. Maybe someone just needs someone to talk to. Thinking about this led me to this thought; there are so many little things that we can do to help make someone happy!  

Text or FaceTime an old friend 

Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru 

Hold the door for the person behind you 

If you see someone wearing something you like, tell them! 

Treat yourself to a little something special that you might not usually treat yourself to 

Order some comfort food (a good chicken pot pie always makes me happy) 

Put the phone down and go for a walk 

Go for a scenic drive 

Plan a trip you would like to take  

Start that hobby that you have always wanted to start 

We are all human, I get that. We all experience highs and lows and sad times and good times, but we also have to try to now dwell on the bad. If you are having a bad day, instead of sulking, do something to help snap you out it! There are SO many little things that we can do in order to help make someone a little bit happier than they were before and I am sure it will make you feel good as well. Just because there are negative things going on around us, doesn’t mean that we cannot be happy. Find the beauty in every day and realize that we are all going through this together.  

Morgan Knox
Along with her role here at, Morgan is the videographer for RedDog Agency, a digital marketing and social media company based out of Towson. She is also editor of Harford Lifestyle. When she isn't wearing one of her many marketing hats, she can be found coaching on the lacrosse field.

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