Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Teachers Are Unsung Heroes

I love my job for many reasons but the biggest one is the people that have come into my life and become my friends. I was enlightened by my guest today, Debbie Wilkins, an elementary school teacher, about the worries, concerns, and apprehensions of teaching virtually.

She walked me through arrival and learning activities that are best done with partners and tactile objects, as well as lunchtime, no recess, dismissal, all while enforcing masks and distancing from their teachers and friends. Debbie also shared with me that she lies awake at night, sometimes for hours, worrying how she will engage her students through Google Meet, how she will get to know “her kids” and their capabilities and needs.

The list goes on and on.

All I could think was how lucky any student would be to have a teacher who cares this much… and I think they all do. Maybe I was also thinking how lucky I am that my children are grown because I cannot even imagine what all parents, teachers and students of all ages are going through.

Hats off to all the teachers out there!

You deserve the big bucks!


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